Boredbrands Digital Funfair

Virtual Coconut Shy

There are lots of things that we sometimes seem to have little or no control of – world politics, computers, what’s on tv, who’s in the charts or who’s in the papers.

Boredbrand’s Virtual Coconut Shy lets you release that frustration in a harmless and legal way. Fusing the traditional fun of the coconut shy with digital technology we have created a bizarre, unique and hilarious spectacle which appeals to all people of ball throwing age.

Three televisions mounted on poles show images of a variety of well known faces – you have to throw balls at them to give them what you know they deserve. If you are on target the screen appears to smash and you hear the satisfying sound of breaking glass. The more you hit the longer you play and the better you feel.

Check out the Video Here

Coconut ShyhhhhNight ShyhhhhCOconut Shy


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